Interview: Anthony Falzarano

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Interview with a Parents’ Rights Activist

In cooperation with gay groups such as GLSEN and GLAAD, the state of Massachusetts has recently instituted a broad range of gay-affirming Health and Human Sexuality programs. Some of these programs have caught the attention of parents, who are disturbed at the programs’ one-sided approach, and also their tendency to override the values of many families. Here, NARTH interviews Massachusetts par­ent-activist Brian Camenker.

Perceptions Among Men With Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions (SSA) of the Factors Contributing to the Development of Their Homosexual Feelings

In May and June 2004, People Can Change surveyed the members of its online support groups, which have a com­bined total membership of about 600 men – all of whom are seeking to overcome unwanted homosexual feelings (or feelings of “same sex attraction,” or SSA). The survey sought to determine what biological and environmental factors the members of People Can Change believe con­tributed to the development of their SSA feelings. A total of 205 surveys were completed – a response rate of 34%.
The majority of the survey consisted of a list of 25 possible factors, from “biology” to “personal choice,” that some men have identified as possible causes or sources of their same-sex attraction. The survey asked respondents to identify whether they believed each of these 25 factors con­tributed to their developing SSA feelings, and if so, to what extent each contributed.