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Submission of the IFTCC to the World Health Organisation

[pdf-embedder url="https://cdn.archive.iftcc.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Registry-Studies-Unanimously-Find-GAT-does-not-improve-mental-health-IFTCC-to-WHO-2024-2-3-Haynes-slight-edit-2024-2-15-1.pdf" title="Registry Studies Unanimously Find GAT does not improve mental...

Surviving Gay Activism in Graduate School: A First-Person Account

This first person narrative chronicles my story as a graduate student in a clinical psychology program in the mid-Atlantic United States, who faced discrimination from the school for my support and involvement in therapeutic help for individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction. I had provided lay counseling to same-sex attracted men for several years prior to beginning my graduate school training. Though I had been transparent about my experiences throughout my academic career and received no complaints from my internship site or clients, near the completion of my degree the administration suspended and then dismissed me for my views. I recount the tactics and arguments my opponents used, how I obtained support and resisted the discrimination, and offer insights for aspiring students, counselors, and other interested parties.