Recollections of their fathers by homosexual and hetero sexual men

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A Review and Summary of Walter Schumm’s Same-sex Parenting Research: A Critical Assessment

Same-Sex Parenting Research: A Critical Assessment is authored by Walter R. Schumm, Ph.D., professor in the Kansas State University School of Family Studies and Human Services. Dr. Schumm has conducted research on gender identity, sexual identity, sexual attraction, and same-sex relationships and parenting since 1999. He has published 39 scholarly articles on GLBT topics (cf. Appendix A in Schumm’s book for a list). In Same-Sex Parenting Research, Schumm masterfully accomplishes three goals. First, Schumm explains how quality, ethical research is done. Second, Schumm reviews what social science research to date does—and does not—tell us about same-sex parenting (SSP). Finally, he examines and critiques the use of social science research concerning SSP in society.

Family Determinants of Homosexuality: A Case Study

Deficiencies in the parental relationship—emotional dismissal or actual disappearance of a parent—may cause a traumatic situation to arise within a family unit. Often such events will cause a child to make efforts to replace the missing parent by becoming a surrogate partner to the remaining parent. Three elements—the absence of a bond between parents, the undervaluation of the father, and erotic entanglement—appear to be constitutive to homosexuality. From their existence appears a wealth of varying symptoms which cannot be eliminated without rebuilding the constitutive elements. In an environment suffused with emotional and erotic entanglement, homosexuality may provide protection against incest.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with a Homosexual Woman

A thirty-year-old, married, Orthodox Jewish woman complaining of same-sex attraction was treated with psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy after trying several other therapies, including sex therapy. Among the primary determinants of her presenting problem were alienation from her unpredictable, narcissistic mother, gender identity confusion, and impounded anger. After about two years of treatment, the patient achieved connection with feelings of affection and desire, improved and loving relationships with her children, regular orgasmic sex with her husband, and remission of pre-existing colitis.