Davidson, Michael Ph.D.

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Freedom of speech to articulate alternative, non-affirming responses to homosexuality is an important right to be protected
Ostracising difference: the new ideology of professional psychotherapeutic bodies that shame, and expel members who support autonomous individuals, seeking help to achieve personal emancipation, by reducing unwanted same-sex attractions aligned with personal values
Marking the growth of intolerance towards the religious orthodox in the United Kingdom who reject state collusion with gay advocacy ideologies which threaten personal and religious autonomy and freedoms of expression
Protecting Competent Professional Guidance and Therapeutic Care for Unwanted Sexual Feelings
Viewpoint Discrimination: The UK governments’ determination to disallow contrary views around the discredited idea that sexual preference in inborn
Out of Harm’s Way: Working Ethically with Same-sex Attracted Persons
The Right to Decide: Seeking justice for choices around unwanted same-sex attractions.
A Response to the UK Government’s Intended Ban on Therapeutic Choice
Canadian Government submission: C-4 Opposed, International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice
Extract from the submission to the UK Government’s Consultation on Conversion Therapy
IFTCC Letter to Canadian MPs Nov 2020
IFTCC Statement on Legislative Proposal of the German Bundestag (4th May 2020) English
IFTCC Submission to New Zealand Government’s Proposed “Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill” September 2021
IFTCC to UN HRC individual Submission to Victor Madrigal-Borloz
Letter to Doug Beattie, MLA NI Assembly on “Conversion Therapy” Ban
Letter to New Zealand Justice Select Committee 24th September 2021
Submission to the Norwegian Government on the “Oppose Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill”, 15.10.2021
CIT – A Biblical Theology for Helping LGBT and Former LGBT Persons
Why is the NI Department for Communities using Public Money to Promote the LGBT Agenda?
Letter to Department for Communities (NI) – Public Money Being Used for Biased LGBT+ Research


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