What Percentage is the Genetic Contribution to Homosexuality? (Refs)

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A Brief Review of Homosexuality, Aids, and the CDC

This monograph of 89 pages describes itself as a collection of peer-reviewed studies and book excerpts on the Aids Epidemic and Homosexuality in the American Culture. This comprises the majority of the presentation, but not incidentally, other items are included such as news articles, non-peer- reviewed books, media awards, surveys, photos and other material to flesh out the narrative.

The Relationship Between Father Involvement and Father-Role Confidence for Fathers of Gay Sons

This nonexperimental quantitative study of 70 participants explored how father involvement during their gay sons’ childhood and adolescence was impacted by their levels of father-role confidence (FRC) and past father involvement experiences (PFIE). As hypothesized, the results indicated that participants’ past involvement with their fathers, and reported levels of father-role confidence, predicted father-gay son involvement (FGSI). Participants in this study predominately exhibited indirect, non-nurturing, or low-engagement types of father involvement activities with their gay sons rather than direct, nurturing, or high-engagement activities. Implications from the results of this study may be used to inform existing therapeutic approaches for fathers of gay sons, increase father-gay son engagement, and promote relationship reconciliation efforts between adult gay men and their fathers.
Keywords: gay sons, father involvement, parents, sexual minority, homosexuality