Byrd, A. Dean Ph.D.

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A Tribute to Harold M. Voth
The Man Who Would Be Queen, by J. Michael Bailey, Ph.D.
Sexual Orientation and Psychoanalysis: Sexual Science and Clinical Practice
An Empirical Study Of The Mother-Son Dyad In Relation To The Development Of Male Homosexuality
The American Journal of Public Health Highlights Risks of Homosexual Practices
Guttman Scale Analysis Confirms the Effectiveness of Reorientation Therapy in Spitzer’s Study
Gender Complementarity And Childrearing: Where Tradition And Science Agree
NARTH: On Track for the Future
The Chamberlain Magic Show: A Psychological Review of the New Book, Shattered Love
Examining the Evidence for the “Innate and Immutable” Theory
Sexual Orientation and Psychoanalysis: Sexual Science and Clinical Practice
Former APA President Supports NARTH’s Mission Statement, Assails APA’s Intolerance of Differing Views
Spitzer Study Critiqued In the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy
When Activism Masquerades as Science: Potential Consequences of Recent APA Resolutions
Spitzer Declines NARTH’s Sigmund Freud Award – ­Cites Socio-Political Differences with NARTH
Editor of the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy Takes a Stand for Science
Homosexuality: The Essentialist Argument Continues to Erode
A Tribute To Charles Socarides
“Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired,” Concludes Francis S. Collins, Head of the Human Genome Project
APA’s New Pamphlet on Homosexuality De-emphasizes the Biological Argument, Supports a Client’s Right to Self-Determination
Science and Ethicality
A Response to the APA’s “Fact Sheet”
The Innate – Immutable Argument Finds no Basis in Science
Should Gay Activists Be the APA’s Gatekeepers?
Will the APA Applaud the Spitzer Study? A Call for Freedom of Scientific Inquiry and Publication
Pediatric Group’s Policy On Adoption Puts Children At Risk
Treatment of Male Homosexuality: A Cognitive-Behavioral and Interpersonal Approach – Byrd, A. Dean , PhD, MBA, MPH
Dual-Gender Parenting for Optimal Child Development
Homosexual Couples and Parenting: What Science Can and Cannot Say

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