Former APA President Supports NARTHs Mission Statement, Assials APA’s Intolerance of Differing Views – 13-3-E December 2004 – 44pp (1-44)

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Included Articles:

Former APA President Supports NARTH’s Mission Statement, Assails APA’s Intolerance of Differing Views
Clinical Issues Within the Lesbian Struggle
Spitzer Study Critiqued In the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy
A Boy, His Two Mothers, And Psychosexual Development
When Activism Masquerades as Science: Potential Consequences of Recent APA Resolutions
How Should Clinicians Deal With GID In Children?
Spitzer Declines NARTH’s Sigmund Freud Award – ­Cites Socio-Political Differences with NARTH
101 Questions About Homosexuality
Editor of the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy Takes a Stand for Science
On the APA’s Same-Sex Marriage Resolution
Educator Examines “Coming Out” Process, Sexual Fluidity In College Students
Researchers Survey Trauma Faced By “Two-Spirited” People
Researchers Study Sources of Male Anti-Homosexual Attitudes
Psychologist Analyzes Teenagers’ Talk About Homosexuality
Surf Control Filtering Software Unblocks NARTH Site
Oprah Winfrey Show Features Children with Gender Identity Disorder
Science Versus The “Gay Gene”
Researchers Say Sexual Risk-Taking Due to Social Oppression
Reorientation Panel Said to Be Well-Received at APA
Thoughts on Rediscovering One’s True Self
Social Worker Advises Comprehensive Sexual Orientation Studies For Students
Study Of Bisexual/Gay Teens in Thailand Reveals Serious Risks
Theologian Explains Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality
Social Workers Urge Mainstreaming of Gay/Lesbian Adoption
Catholic Law Center Wins Free Speech Victory
New Gay Book Discusses “Sex As Prayer”
Pediatrics Group Urges Pro-Gay Counseling for Teenagers
Law of Nature Excludes Homosexuality, Says Australian Physician
Gay Men’s Group To Present Sessions On Transgenderism And Sadomasochism At Religion Conference
Homosexuality: The Essentialist Argument Continues to Erode
“Crystal Meth” New Drug Of Choice On Gay Party Circuit
Italian Researchers Believe That Genetic Factors May Increase Fertility In Mothers Of Gay Males
Is Homosexuality a Choice?
APA Journal Article Discourages reorientation therapy
Critic Ignores the Whole Truth About Ex-Gays
Perceptions Among Men With Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions (SSA) of the Factors Contributing to the Development of Their Homosexual Feelings
The Gender Question: Who Am I?

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