York, Frank

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New Book Offers Help for Struggling Lesbians
ACLU Victory Imposes Pro-Homosexual Training On School District
United Nations Human Rights Commission To Debate Singling Out Sexual Orientation As Special “Human Right”
Gay-Affirmative Public School Teachers/Curricula May Influence Brain Maturation In Teens
Ex-Gay Looks At Ways To Minister To Homosexuals As Jesus Would
Florida Lawyer Warns Of Societal Dangers Of Same-Sex Marriage
Taking Sex Differences Seriously by Steve Rhodes
‘Marriage On Trial’ Details Reasons Why Natural Marriage Should Be Defended
American Academy Of Family Physicians Publishes Health Screening Guidelines For Gay Patients
Gay Physicians Offer Parental Sex Education Advice
Sexual Organization Of The City
The Right to Define Oneself
Experts On Homosexuality Critique GLSEN’s Same-Sex Marriage Curriculum
University of Cincinnati Publishes Inaccurate Report On Sexual Orientation
Transgender Professor Proposes a New Theory of Evolution Normalizing Homosexuality and Transsexuality
The New Gay Teenager
How Should Clinicians Deal With GID In Children?
101 Questions About Homosexuality
Researchers Study Sources of Male Anti-Homosexual Attitudes
Surf Control Filtering Software Unblocks NARTH Site
Science Versus The “Gay Gene”
Researchers Say Sexual Risk-Taking Due to Social Oppression
Social Worker Advises Comprehensive Sexual Orientation Studies For Students
Theologian Explains Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality
Catholic Law Center Wins Free Speech Victory
Italian Researchers Believe That Genetic Factors May Increase Fertility In Mothers Of Gay Males
APA Journal Article Discourages reorientation therapy
On Spontaneous Changes In Sexual Orientation
President-Elect To Focus On Science And Ethics In NARTH
Despite Gay and Feminist Efforts to Deconstruct them Gender Differences are Real (Refs)

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