NARTH Board Member Jeffrey Satinover Testifies in Gay Marriage Debate – 13-2-E August 2004 – 44pp (1-44)

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Included Articles:

NARTH Board Member Jeffrey Satinover Testifies In Gay Marriage Debate
Guttman Scale Analysis Confirms the Effectiveness of Reorientation Therapy in Spitzer’s Study
Study Supports the “Weak Father” Theory of Homosexuality
Hiding Truth From School Kids: “It’s Elementary,” Revisited
The Myth of the Gay Gene
AMA Endorses Same-Sex Adoptions
American Academy Of Family Physicians Publishes Health Screening Guidelines For Gay Patients
The American Child After Same-Sex Marriage
Are All Family Forms Equal?
Gay Fathers of Quadruplets Split
Gay Physicians Offer Parental Sex Education Advice
Gay Psychologist Creates New Terms for Use in the Social Debate
Reorientation Counselor Addresses Polish Parliament
Lutheran Church Studies on Sexuality Considers Options, Reparative Therapy
Sexual Organization Of The City
What Can Denmark Tell Us About the Same Sex Marriage Debate?
The Right to Define Oneself
Experts On Homosexuality Critique GLSEN’s Same-Sex Marriage Curriculum
Canadian Government Surveys Says Only 1 % Claim To Be Gay
Psychoanalysts Hold Annual Conference; Discuss Removal of GID Diagnosis
Gay Group in A.P.A. Urges Psychologists To Become Political Activists
Judges Rule In Favor Of Lesbian Partner as “Dad”
“Gay Sheep” Study Offers Intriguing Evidence
British Psychologist Argues For Multiple Sex Partners
Dr. Throckmorton Appears On ‘The O’Reilly Factor’
Same-Sex Attraction: A View From The Sidelines
TV Scriptwriting Trend Portrays Sexuality as Fluid
University of Cincinnati Publishes Inaccurate Report On Sexual Orientation
The National Mental Health Association Rejects Ex-Gays
New Ex-Gay School Outreach for Teens
Scientists Find Emotional Experiences Deeply Embedded In Brain Structures
Flawed Studies Used For Promoting Same-Sex Marriage, Says Policy Institute
Growth Out of Homosexuality: Recapturing our Designed Natures
NARTH Member Christopher Rosik Responds to Presbyterian Web Site
Gay Marriage: Who’s Minding the Children? Jeffrey Satinover Explains Risk
“Talking Dirty” in School: When You Can and When You Can’t
Transgender Professor Proposes a New Theory of Evolution Normalizing Homosexuality and Transsexuality

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