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The Relationship Between Father Involvement and Father-Role Confidence for Fathers of Gay Sons

This nonexperimental quantitative study of 70 participants explored how father involvement during their gay sons’ childhood and adolescence was impacted by their levels of father-role confidence (FRC) and past father involvement experiences (PFIE). As hypothesized, the results indicated that participants’ past involvement with their fathers, and reported levels of father-role confidence, predicted father-gay son involvement (FGSI). Participants in this study predominately exhibited indirect, non-nurturing, or low-engagement types of father involvement activities with their gay sons rather than direct, nurturing, or high-engagement activities. Implications from the results of this study may be used to inform existing therapeutic approaches for fathers of gay sons, increase father-gay son engagement, and promote relationship reconciliation efforts between adult gay men and their fathers.
Keywords: gay sons, father involvement, parents, sexual minority, homosexuality

A Call for the American Psychological Association to Recognize the Client with Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

Though the APA has endeavored to advocate for persons of various sexual orientations and gender identities, it has neglected to advocate for the homosexually oriented person who does not wish to claim a gay identity. This article discusses the possibility of decreasing unwanted homosexual attractions and exploring heterosexual potential and introduces the views of psychotherapists who support an individual’s right to pursue such change. Those advocates include APA past presidents Nicholas Cummings and Robert Perloff. Other clinicians have published peer-reviewed data that provides supporting evidence for successful sexual-reorientation therapy. Four recommendations are proposed.