NARTH Members Working Around the World To Help Individuals With Unwanted SSA

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In Their Own Words: Therapists Who Support a Client’s Right to Explore Sexual Attraction Fluidity Respond to Questions Posed by Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Therapists

In the current politicized climate concerning professional therapies that allow sexual attraction fluidity exploration (SAFE-T), meaningful dialogue between psychotherapists who support and oppose change-oriented goals is quite rare. Recently, a group of lesbian, gay, and bisexual therapists proposed a list of six questions they wished therapists who engaged in SAFE-T would answer. In order to promote understanding and the exchange of ideas over this subject, I submitted these questions to several therapists who have extensive experience working with clients who report unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA) and may desire to pursue change. Questions addressed interventions and theory associated with SSA change, accounting for potential harms of SAFE-T, and the effects of minority stress. In a concluding section, some common themes among respondents were highlighted along with the significance of these themes for clarifying controversies that currently exist regarding SAFE-T.